Mar 25

Nature by Numbers Video

A friend of mine who’s a physics professor, or well, assistant professor at this point sent this video to me. It’s just a neat video that depicts how some of these basic mathematical formulas can be found in nature. I originally saw it on wimp.com and couldn’t figure out how to upload the flash video to my site after stripping it from that one. I was happy to find it on YouTube today. Very cool!

The film, from Eterea eStudios was created by Cristóbal Vila.  The first formula, which I have to admit is the only one I really recognized, is the [wikipedia]Fibonacci Sequence[/wikipedia].  This is where you start with 0 and 1, and every additional number in the sequence in the sum of the previous two.
According to Mr. Vila’s blog, the [wikipedia]nautilus shell[/wikipedia] he depicts doesn’t actually follow the Fibonacci sequence exactly (or at least, the Fibonacci Sequence’s ‘[wikipedia]Golden Spiral[/wikipedia]‘).  It happens to be one of those common misnomers that he himself got caught up in.  So you’ll have to take it as artistic license.

As the video continues it illustrates a number of other mathematical sequences that are present in nature, these all very accurate.  Even if you know nothing of math or don’t care for formula’s its still a very cool video to watch.


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