Mar 26

Sandra Bullock’s scandelous husband Jesse James can’t possibly give me any more douche chills, can he?

As most people know by now [wikipedia]Sandra Bullock’s[/wikipedia] husband, bike-builder Jesse James, has pretty much pulled a ‘Tiger’ on her (Thanks, Urbandictionary =D).  A slowly expanding stream of mistresses is out of the woodwork, we appear to be up to number 3 or 4 or something like that, who can count at this point.

I was feeling very sorry for and empathetic towards Sandra through all this.  Where as the whole Tiger thing is sort of laughable, seeing as he’s such a mega-dork – even in his sexually explicit texting – and Elin is such a standard, government issued clueless trophy wife… it’s just a joke.  But even I had been sucked in by this whole ‘America’s sweetheart’ image that Sandra had going on, and the fact that she was married to Jesse James said to me she was probably a pretty cool chick and not your typical cunty Hollywood type.

And for being a kind of back-country biker type guy, Jesse James has a pretty endearing personality as well, on the surface.  He did a pretty in-depth interview on the Howard Stern Show a couple of years ago and it seemed like he was really in love with Sandra, and that he was a pretty level headed guy, not a racist or crazy ‘Hells Angels’ type biker guy.

However, today a huge torrent of news started coming down the pipeline claiming that Jesse James has tons of Nazi memorabilia himself, like a surfboard with an image of Hitler on the bottom.  It seems he even showed his surfboard to white-power loving, tatted-up mistress #1 Michelle McGee, she’s quoted as saying “Jesse proudly showed her a ‘Hitler surfboard’ that he keeps in his office at West Coast Choppers. He also had sex with her, she says, on a coach he has that ‘was made from a coffin.’”

As if that isn’t enough, TMZ is now claiming that they have a photo of Jesse James in similar Nazi-flavored adornments to the ones Michelle McGee wears in her now infamous Nazi photos, where Jesse is also giving the ‘Hitler salute’.

And finally, the National Enquirer has set the gossip world ablaze by claiming they’re poised to release a huge expose about Jesse James being a racist and having a huge collection of Nazi memorabilia.

Now, it’s pretty clear Jesse James is a complete scumbag regardless of his alleged obsession with Nazis.  But, one has to think that if all this was going on, how could Sandra Bullock never have gotten wind of it?  Six years or so of marriage, not to mention they both have told story’s of a long courtship where they got to know each other very well…. Well, lets just say I hope that this is all bullshit, because Ms. Bullock will have a lot of explaining to do to those fans that see her as America’s darling.


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