Mar 31

50th Anniversay of the Copier (& my tangential ramblings!)

Well, it seems this month marks the 50th Anniversary of the office copier.  It’s a milestone that definitely deserves some attention, as the first copiers revolutionized communication and office work.  Granted, the first copiers clocked in at a bit under 605 lbs and regularly caught on fire, but it was worth it to not have to re-type every document by hand.  These early machines, which rivaled a set of full size washer + dryer units could produce something like 7 pages per minute, simply amazing in those days. Commercial printing presses at the time could produce about 100 pages per minute, but that was about it.  The next best thing was a typist and a type-writer.  So the copier was really a huge step forward in technology.

What I found interesting was that Xerox was originally found in Rochester, NY.  You know, before I moved upstate, I was very unaware of the history and culture of my state.  New York city is very much caught in its own vortex of self-importance.  No offense to New Yorkers, as I still consider them my native kin, in a sense… I certainly have many friends and relatives who still live there.  But New York and New Yorkers seem to consider themselves some of the best Americans there are out there, definitely above country folk.  What I learned about New York State itself was pretty limited, pretty much [wikipedia]Teddy Roosevelt[/wikipedia] & [wikipedia]Franklin Deleno Roosevelt[/wikipedia] and that’s it.  But New York is really rich and vast state, with a lot of different urban environments, as well as vast rural spaces with rolling hills and forests.  New York City though seems to take the flag with signifying ‘what New York is’, its misleading.  Like I said, I never knew Xerox was founded in upstate, or that IBM originated in Endicott, NY, near Binghamton.  I never knew that Lockheed Martin still had an advanced manufacturing and prototyping plant in Owego, NY.  That’s just the things that pop into my head from the Southern Tier, there’s plenty more out there.  For instance, most people in New York don’t know there is a beautiful city called Ithaca smack dab in the center of the state that has a very wonderful beatnik atmosphere, and yet everyone downtown spends half their lives seeking out that kind of interaction and atmosphere.  It’s very strange, New York City.  I’m glad I grew up there, and I like to visit… but I’m really happy I got out when I could.

That’s what we call a very random tangent =D



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