Mar 31

Santa Fe man hypersensative to electronic devices sues neighbor for Wifi use.

Wow, talk about a crazy neighbor.

This is a new one for me, but the Chicago Tribune’s Michael Haederle wrote an article a couple days ago describing the plight of a man from Santa Fe, New Mexico who claims he is hypersensitive to certain frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.  Of course, like any other good American citizen, this man has decided that he has the right to live in a tightly-packed urban environment and pester his neighbors about their use of a WiFi Router, dimmer switches, and cell phones.

Santa Fe is home to a pretty wide variety of beliefs, new age practices, and all sorts of other hi-jinks; some well founded, some completely insane.  In any case, this fellow Arthur Firstenberg apparently decided that if he purchased a house in a secluded part of a new development he would escape the terrors of electromagnetism.  First of all, any sane person would know that is a ridiculous venture and just move to the way outskirts of the city and call it a day.

In any case eventually a woman, who is actually a friend of Firstenberg’s, rented the house on the next block which backs up to his and he started to experience all sorts of symptoms of his condition again; nausea, vertigo, body aches, dizziness, insomnia and a heart arrhythmia.

He claims he asked her to ‘limit’ her use of the devices, and to ‘work with him’.  But we all know that is complete bupkis, I can tell this guy is completely wonky, so there is no way he actually presented a logical case to this woman, Raphaela Monribot.  And who can blame her, she rents the house, and the community has no restrictions on technology.  But this guy pressed the issue and is attempting to sue her for $530,000 in damages and an injunction to force her to stop using her Wifi and other electronics.  Insanity.

This guy Firstenberg needs to get the hell out of Santa Fe and leave everyone else alone.  Bein’ First-in-the-’berg doesn’t make you the chief!

…sorry, I’ll be quiet….

(whoops, my bad, updated for link)


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  1. Nick

    There is no scientific evidence for electromagnetic sensitivity – Tell this guy that if he can prove his case under controlled double blind conditions James Randi will give him the million dollar prize

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