Apr 06

sounds of silence

My apologies for the lack of posts over the last few days, I had a number of stories ready to go exploring race in America and the census, but I got into a discussion with my hosting company about moving ThanksProfessa! to its own hosting account.  Right now the thanksprofessa.com domain simply points to an old hosting account/domain of mine that is not particularly ‘in use’ anymore – at least not for the purpose it was originally intended/used for, but it does host a number of other websites that redirect to it from other urls, Thanks Professa! being one of the 5 or so little websites.

Just trying to work out the specifics of moving the database as well as making sure old direct links/permalinks will point or redirect to the new root site.  If it seems easy to construct the re-direct I will probably end up posting those stories here before the move ;)

Stay tuned for more details, and perhaps some other exciting expansions of the site!




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