May 02

Thanks Professa has it’s own host!


I mentioned something about this in early april, and since then have pretty much been quiet on the blog.  After I realized I really liked blogging, and I had FINALLY found the right software to do it with in this whole wordpress deal I also realized that my old web hosting situation just wasn’t going to work out.  I had to put off a couple things for a bit but finally got everything sorted out with my hosting company and Thanks Professa! finally has it’s own individual hosting account.

What does this mean?

Well, For one I’ll start posting again.  I’m sure all of my one readers will be very happy!

The move also gives me a lot more tools to advertise and share the blog with the other denizens of the internet so that, one day we might have two readers!

Old direct links to articles will continue to work for a bit, as there is basically a mirror of the site on the old host, at some point I will get around to making them redirect here instead of just mirroring.  I also need to figure a few other things out with the old posts, but that’s for tomorrow.  Or maybe I should say later today, since I’ve been working on this all night.


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