Mar 14

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I use WordPress as the backbone software on my blog. I’ve been supremely impressed by its capabilities so far. What really makes a piece of software like this so great though is the mod/plugin community it creates. WordPress provides bloggers with a lightweight, powerful, modular and easily customizable piece of software, sure, but its the people who create the display templates and background plug-ins that make the software package really impressive. I’ve been thinking about creating a blog or some sort of presence on the web greater then just your typical social networking site for a long time now and I certainly didn’t expect it to be so easy and fun to put together.

For those that are interested, I use;

The Inanis Glass WordPress Theme

The following plugins;
AddtoAny:Share/Bookmark/Email Button from AddtoAny
Quick Page/Post Redirect by Don Fischer
Role Manager by Owen Winkler
Role Scoper by Kevin Behrens
WP From Email by Skullbits.com
WP Render Blogroll Links by Tanin Ehrami
(All of these can be found in the WordPress Plug-ins Directory)

The only two graphics I’ve ‘created’ for the site so far are the banner and the windows user icon. The windows user icon is something I created from a public domain clipart image. The banner image I created from scratch. Everything else was inlcuded in Inanis Glass or came with some other plug-in.



  1. lifestyle model

    I truly appreciate ytour blog ! :D the articlesare always great !

  2. Duiwel

    Thanks for the feedback! Glad that there are folks reading and enjoying the blog!

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