Mar 14

Health Care Bill seems Dead

The Associated Press via YahooNews has a story that quotes democratic Represenatitve James Clyburn (D-SC), stating that the Dems simply don’t have the votes from their own party to pass the health-care bill. He is purportedly their head vote-counter, so he should know.

I’m not really surprised, and I’m not particularly saddened by this turn of events. While I am a big supporter of reform and perhaps even some socialization in the medical and health industry, the Democrats and Obama have gone about this whole process completely ass backwards. This all or nothing approach invited the Republicans to trounce them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of the way the Republicans have acted in this process either. It’s sad that very few high-ranking members of the Republican party actually come out and say how completely fucked their party is when they either retire or even when they switch parties. Don’t get me wrong, liberals and the democratic party have plenty of shortfalls, and those shortfalls make them significantly weaker. The Republicans just happen to get my target drawn on their back because they are more powerful and significant sleazier in my eyes.

The Dems bill had some great ideas that now, after being subjected to the Republican war machine, will probably never see the light of day again; particularly in the area of insurance company reform and restriction. I’ll admit I wasn’t a big fan of fully socialized health-care, this country simply can’t handle it at this point. However I am pretty confident that if the Dems had actually chosen to negotiate a bill and instead of trying to shove a giant all-encompassing bill down our throats they instead passed some major overalls to the insurance industry and some serious tort reform the rest would naturally follow.
But that’s just me.

But, the Republicans torpedoed much hope of level-headed negotiation pretty quickly, and while the democrats didn’t do much to help the situation the Republican war machine eventually cut off any hope of compromise.

So this thing is now dead. Its a good thing, in the long run, now they can start this whole process over and pass small sections of the bill at a time as they should have to being with.

They really need to start with the tort reform though, the whole industry suffers daily from out of control malpractice lawsuits and the resulting insurance premiums.


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