Mar 15

Monday Morning Headlines

Good Morning Everyone!

Well I think I am finally approaching a point where I am pretty satisfied with the back-end of this blog.  The only think that I feel like I’m missing is a better implementation for [wikipedia]Wikipedia[/wikipedia] linking than the one I have.  I’ve got mods and widgets up the wazoo!

I think my last remaining issue to sort of looking more professional is cleaning up my post-body style and layout.  I’ll be trying out a few things over the next couple days until I find something I like.

I also edited the default ‘meta’ widget, now named Control Panel, to no longer link directly to wordpress.  Yes somehow in that process I changed…something, and now all the (post count) displays are showing in the wrong color.   I didn’t touch ANY style sheet!! I swear!

These are the new, and hopefully the last few plug-ins I’ll install, so here are the props for all the good folks who made them!

GD Press Tools by Milan Petrovic
Post Snippets by Johan Steen
Profiler by Eric Schulz
Twitter Tools by Alex King
Twitter Tools – Bit.ly URLS by Crowd Favorite
User Locker by Daniel Fruzynski
Wp-Wikipedia-Excerpt by Michael Smit

Unfortunately I have a lot of ‘real’ work to get to today, so I probably won’t get to play with the site too much until I get home.


It seems there is a problem logging into a user account from IE7, at least on my work computer.  Will have to investigate this further, but if anyone else who happens by this blog would be kind enough to test some other browsers and version with registering and logging in, that would be fantastic.  Comment here or email me at duiwel@thanksprofessa.com.


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