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The Blog doesn’t have one particular focus, really.  Well that’s not true.  The Focus is me, what I’m interested in, what peaks my curiosity, what tickles my balls, so to speak.  But that’s a terrible way to try and summarize the site to others, especially the part about tickling my balls.  One would actually have to come here and be interested enough in the site to come back and read more to really get to know me.  So, like I said it’s a horrible example.

So, the only way to then tell you about the blog is to give you the *LONG* explanation — ugg!

The two most basic primary fields would be Technology/Anything Geeky and Current Events.  Those are two pretty broad subjects, I know.

Well, I’m a technology junkie, that’s for sure.  I read WIRED back to front for many years in my youth.  I still would but I canceled all my magazine subscriptions to pay for more online gaming accounts.  I still browse cnet pretty often, read slashdot multiple times per day, wander aimlessly through the technology sections of all the stores around here.

Being a technology junkie and an all around geek in general pretty much leads to a vast collection of interests.  Science in general, especially physics & math.  A strange interest in the occult, spirituality, religion, and meta-physics.  Of course an interest in all sorts of gadgets, desktop computing, programming, and gaming.  Also being a geek will definitely lead to you have strong opinions on copyright law, intellectual property, piracy, open-sourceism, and all sorts of tech-business related issues.  You’ll also find yourself picking up information on behavioral sciences and sociology.

Those last few bits are were geekdom starts to heavily invade News, Current Events & World Issues, my other favorite group of topics.  I need to first say that I am a heavy Celebrity & Entertainment News junkie… its a seriously sinful addiction of mine.  Other than that, just about everything encompassing social issues, politics, globalism, and just about everything else current and newsworthy.

I’d say one of things you probably won’t see a lot of here is sports.  I am a casual Football and Baseball fan at best.  I watch the big games, I watch local teams (Yankees & Jets) in season openers and playoffs, rarely more than that.  I do watch the Olympics, and it’s possible I’d catch some of the major world sporting events… Marathons, big cycling events, world cup soccer, probably not much nascar but its possible, and maybe some tennis here and there.

So, in the TL:DR version, that’s what this site is about.



You’ll notice all my posts, comments and signatures on this site are under the name ‘Duiwel’. Duiwel is my internet handle for forums, blogs, gaming, etc.  My old handle, which I bestowed upon myself at the age of 12, was a little juvenile.  It began with the term ‘Lord’, a holdover from my role-playing days, and then contained my real life initials.  Now I’m not the most ‘OMG Can’t possibly release anything about myself on the internet’ kind of person, far from it actually.  But the name was just getting old.

So about 7 years ago I transitioned to ‘Duiwel’.  There’s not much too it other then it sounded cool, it means ‘Devil’ in Afrikaans.  For those that don’t know, Afrikaans is a language from South Africa that the Dutch settlers more or less created from mixing a number of european languages with some african ones.  I’m not in any way South African though, really.  My dad was born and raised there, and I have a number of cousins who are South African and I visited their once.  However my dad’s side of the family is ethnically Lithuanian and jewish.  And even then, I’m adopted, so its hard to say that my use of Afrikaans was more than just a circum of happenstance*.

(*I find it disturbing that, while fully aware it was a silly phrase based on an almost made-up word, I’ve been using the phrase ‘circum of happenstance’ for a long time assuming I had heard it somewhere and it had some basis in slang…but I can’t find any reference to it in google, so maybe I’m just crazy.”)

I would also note that, first in text-chat and then in group voice-server rooms that ‘Duiwel’ was shorted to ‘Dui’, which is pronounced ‘Doo-E’ or ‘Duey’.  I would *almost* go so far as to say I prefer this nicknamed based on my handle to my real nickname/name, but in doing so I would most likely be crushed literally to death in the ensuing wave of raw embarrassment in my geekiness.  So, while I would never think of promoting its use in daily interactions with my oldest friends and family, I certainly don’t correct my ‘gaming’ friends if they use it when meeting in person =D


Thanks Professa!

At some point in our sitting-on-the-couch-watching-tv-and-doing-nothing-with-our-lives days my friends and I discovered an interesting phenomena.  A number of the adult-themed cartoons we watched like South Park, Futurama, Family Guy and the likes of Adult Swim circa ’98-’05 contained identical phrases that, while pretty mundane, were unique enough and occasionally a line very central to one particular show that it just struck us as comical.

There’s probably about 30 or so of these phrases that actually fit the bill of what I describe.  Only about 2 are funny.  And only funny to us, mind you, I doubt a majority of people would have the same reaction.

‘Thanks Professa’ is the term that first caught our attention (And, really, I should note that I use the term ‘our’ pretty loosely, after the discovery of ‘Thanks Professa’ everyone else in that circle of friends lost interest in the phenomena, other then me.  Hell I doubt anyone else is even aware of a phenomena).  In the Family Guy episode about ‘KISStock’ Peter has reason to call a professor to ask him for a word that would describe a particular situation, when the professor gives him a word Peter exclaims in a type of boyish excitement that only he can emote, “Thanks Professa!”.

That whole particular scene was oft-quoted in our group.  So it was only natural when we started hearing variations of the same line in other cartoons that it caught our ear.  One after another we found just about every cartoon had the phrase “Thanks Professa” in some sort of way that was special in tone or in the vocal emotion behind it.

Like I said that’s pretty much where it ends, I don’t think anyone else really found it interesting enough to take it any further, other than me.  But I’m telling you, these mundane phrases are out there, infesting our cartoons, poisoning our youth.  I charge every man, woman and child reading this to go forth until the lands of visual media and entertainment and root out these pockets of vocal repetitiveness wherehenceever you may!


About Me

I’m always a little lost on what to put on these about me type pages.  Half of me wants to create a Dungeons & Dragons style character sheet, complete with my current level and dexterity value. The other half knows that’s stupid, and that society dictates that I write something emotionally deep and intellectually involved about myself to prove I am connected to the inner me, and willing to express it to the whole world. But of course all that is BS and it turns out to be just as dry and mundane as the character sheet idea!

With that in mind, I will try to make this at least moderately amusing and informative.

This will probably turn out to be obnoxiously long and boring, however, as has every other section on this page =D

My real name is Sam.  I’m a 26yr old computer geek.  I am married with a young son, and we live in upstate New York.  Luckily for me I am also employed in the IT field, though in a less-than-exciting position — I am currently a Field Technician and Senior Desktop Support Specialist for a local district of a national company.   I’d really prefer a position in IT Dept Management, but I don’t really have the degrees at this point to pursue it.

I started on the internet sometime around 1995 when I was about 12.  Like many people, I got my first ‘up-to-date’ computer, with a modem, and AOL installed.  I say ‘up-to-date’ because I went from an Atari ST1040 (yes, Atari did at one point make full desktop computers) to a Macintosh Performa 550.  Not only a huge upgrade but it opened up a whole new world for me with AOL and the internet.  It was unfortunate that I didn’t learn until many years later that there were things called MUDs out there at that point – although I did play GemstoneIII and Dragonrealms within the scope of AOL.  If I had learned that there was a whole part of the internet beyond AOL I probably would have been a LOT more outwardly geekier in life, and I probably would have learned programming and all those other neat geeky things at an early age, instead of struggling with it now.  But that’s a whole other story.

It was at this point that I learned of the insatiable bliss that comes from ranting, raving, and getting into random pointless arguments on the internet that go nowhere.  Since then I’ve had to jump from group to group, website to website to fulfill my cravings.

Now after many years of procrastination, false starts and other various foundation-less reasons to not complete a project I’ve finally established my own Blog.  May the denizens of the internet cower at my new found power!!

- Duiwel


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